Our Story

The vintage and the good work of the craft, taking care of all the details from the selection of the best materials to the design, this is the basis for Radiola.
Our brand is inspired by past times to create new sneaker concepts where the added value is to offer the highest quality footwear with a retro design to generate trends.
For us, each step counts, which is why comfort in creation is of vital importance, where the consumer can feel the way better.
All our products are born and created in Spain, Europe, because we believe that we must respect the quality of the materials, of the designs and thus avoid contamination from remote production, always choosing sustainable components throughout the manufacturing process.
As a final result, the consumer always finds an honest product, where the wisdom of good work has always been born, guaranteeing all the seals of quality and respect.

Welcome to the Radiola philosophy



Once all the pieces have been cut and selected, we sew them to assemble the body of the shoe


We shape and prepare the ecological rubber and natural cork to give consistency to the sole


Through a heat process called vulcanizing, all the elements are adhered to form the sole.


We sew the sole for greater resistance and support of the shoe