Cecilia Días Betz

Behind Radiola's camera are the eyes and talent of a great artist who transmits emotions in each shot.

Ceci Betz is a woman of pure talent and creativity who always brings all her experience at every step. Non-conformist until he finds the best shot, always seeking to create sensations through the image. Her art is also printed in other disciplines, such as music, where she was the singer of an independent group called Santa Rita.

Radiola by Ceci Betz

We can find her both in the city of Barcelona, where she lives, and in Paris, Madrid, Palermo... Always with her camera in hand, working for big firms and big events.

For the session created with our brand, Ceci chooses to wear our Massachusetts High model in green, thus managing to be connected at all times to the spirit of Radiola.

Now when we meet this artist we can always see her wearing her favorite sneaker because she is already an ambassador of the quality and design of our brand.